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John Panesko had an illegal abortion

posted Oct 14, 2010 23:15:57 by ChuckHaunreiter
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Jim Padberg said Oct 15, 2010 19:03:32
I still find it a hoot that you have reported in the past, and continue to do so, John Panesko and his father had an abortion (err, shouldn't that be plural, as in abortions?), legal or otherwise.

If so, you have stumbled upon a medical miracle isofar as two male persons are able to get pregnant.

Too many Budweisers, Chuck.
ChuckHaunreiter said Oct 15, 2010 19:27:56
Well, if you read my article, you will see that I expanded it to that they had an illegal abortion performed.

By the way, have you gone here yet?
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