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October 25, 2010

posted Oct 26, 2010 21:26:51 by ChuckHaunreiter
Has anyone ever told you how you sound like a little whining bitch the way you endlessly complain?

Well, no. You're the first.

No wonder Panesko banned you from his show, because you never know when to shut your fucking pie-hole.

How would you know that? Did you ever hear me call in? Do you have any idea whatsoever what you're talking about?

You never win debates, you just blather on with a bunch of nonsense until everyone else gives up. That's not winning, that's just showing how much of a child you are.

Once again, how would you know that? Why don't you try discussing one of the issues I raise in this forum?

I can't wait for the Democrats in this area to sue you for your libelous attacks here,

Now why would the DEMOCRATS sue me for a libelous attack?

just as Panesko eventually will.

Panesko doesn't DARE take ME on in a public forum where HE doesn't control the microphone.

Remember, HE is a lawyer,

Big deal. My clients beat lawyers all the time.

and you are only a feeble-minded windbag.

Perhaps you would like to take this opportunity to give us some kind of an example?
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